BMS Final Exams

Autor: Diogo, Caraça

Datum: 2019-09-16 12:06:05

The BMS, it never felt more difficult. When I realized that the French and Mathematics Fundamentals exams were just around the corner, I started learning like crazy. I had two weeks and took almost no break. I had to do without everyday usual free time activities because I was too busy with learning.

I started to visit the Central Library in Zurich because the learning and the atmosphere there is very pleasant and so quiet. If I was uncertain, I asked my classmates. The group chat of my class was flooded with lot of questions, solutions, theses and this repetitively every minute.

I had to appear half an hour before my french exam has started. After got invited to come inside the room, the expert greeted me in French and asked if I had to pick a holiday card. "La musique a une place importante dans votre vie? Et pourquoi cela?" was written on an additional card; then I got 15 minutes preparation time to consider and take notes. After the preparation, I was asked to present a prepared presentation about my hobbies with the help of a picture dossier, which was highly estimated. Afterwards, the chosen topic "music" was taken through and finally we talked about my upcoming holidays.

Two days later, on a Saturday morning, the mathematics exam was held. It consisted of two parts; first 75 minutes without add of helpful tools and second 75 minutes with add of helpful tools. It went as expected. To be honest - I have not written the best math exam in my life, but well enough to keep my high grade point average.